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7 Advantages To Hooking Up Out Of Town: SXSW Edition

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You know how when you were in middle school or high school, everyone would hook up at sleepaway camp? SXSW is like a really, really big sleepaway camp, for grown-ups.

Some people are looking forward to SXSW for the bands, some are looking forward to it for the parties, and some people are looking forward to the bevy of hook-up opportunities.

Here are 7 advantages to hooking up at SXSW.

1. A New Dating Pool

I feel like I know most people in the (admittedly small) NYC Social Media world. And I’m pretty sure, for every person in the group, I can name at least two of their exes/previous hookups. No doubt other cities feel the same way.

So basically SXSW will be a huge convention of people pretty eager to hook up with someone their BFF hasn’t hooked up with previously. New crop! Fresh blood! It’s JUST like band camp.

2. Swag Makes Unexpected Hookups Easier

If you find yourself–how can I put this delicately?–unexpectedly waylaid one evening, you don’t have to worry about not having stuff with you. Need chapstick? Bottle opener, matchbook, condoms? A fresh t-shirt the for next morning? SXSW marketers have got you covered.

3. Hotels

There’s a reason people have affairs in hotel rooms—it’s secretive, clean, neutral, and always readily available, in case you have half an hour in the middle of the day. Hooking up in hotels is sexy because you feel like you’re having an affair, even if you’re both single.

3. You Could Be Hooking Up With The Next _________.

The big players in the tech world are getting more attention than ever before — TV shows, modeling gigs, spreads in Vogue, etc.

Success and power are two of the biggest aphrodisiacs around, so meeting a bunch of innovators and entrepreneurs who could have a world-changing idea is hot. Plus, won’t it be cool, if the guy or girl becomes really famous, to casually flip through a magazine and say “Oh, ha, we hooked up at South by once…funny…”

4. It’s Hot In Austin

Well, OK, unfortunately it’s going to be in the 50s on Friday-Sat, and the 60s on Sunday. But Monday-Tuesday: 81 degrees! (I know one girl friend who was telling me she plans to wear a bikini top and button down shirts, for quick and easy tanning access.)

Let’s just say, people look hotter in bikini tops than they do in Lands End puffy jackets.

5. People Are Really Trying To Achieve Something

And that something is the Foursquare “Hook-Up” Badge, awarded to those who check into two or more hotels.

Hooking up is so much better when you’re working towards a common goal, no?

6. No One Likes Sleeping On The Floor

Hotels are going to be swamped this weekend, and I’ve seen many twitter appeals for places to crash. If you’re lucky enough to have a hotel room booked, please be considerate! You can’t expect your overnight guest to sleep ON THE FLOOR, can you? That would be sooooo unCOMfortable. Much better they climb into bed with you….

7. SXSW=Spring Break

“What happens at South By stays at South By.” Has anyone made that corny joke yet? Well, they should, because it’s true! SXSW isn’t REAL LIFE, it’s grown-up Spring Break, where people try to escape the drudgery of their everyday existence. You’re *allowed* to hook up with people — it’s expected, nay, respected! And once you’re all back in your own cities, everyone will be willing to turn a blind eye and pretend it never happened….until next year, that is.