10 Boston Dates That Do a Body Good

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Between vinyasas and samosas, Rebecca Pacheco (founder of wellness blog OmGal) keeps it all in beautiful balance as a pillar of strength in Boston. Can’t get enough of sweating, stretching or seeing eye to eye with your active partner? Keep reading. Find your solar plexus, soul mate, and perhaps some delectable oysters along the lines of these holistic (and a teensy bit hedonistic) dates. — Christine Liu, Boston Community Manager


The date: How about we… eat sumptuously among belly dancers at a romantic Moroccan hideaway.

Why it’s great: Few restaurants capture the romantic vibe in which Charlestown’s Tangierino is swathed, along with Bedouin tent-like tapestries to create an exotic atmosphere that also includes canopied tables, sari-patterned puffy pillows, hookahs, stunning photographs from around the world, and—yes—comely belly dancers. The Moroccan chophouse menu is extensive, with plenty of lean grilled proteins, grains, and veggies. Come to think of it, I need to get my belly back there.

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The date: How about we… sweat it out in a spin class at Recycle and then refuel in the South End over brunch.

Why it’s great: Recycle, Boston’s first dedicated spinning studio, makes a great date for cycling sweethearts. Inspired by SoulCycle in New York City, a popular, endorphin-pumping workout haunt for celebrities like Kate Hudson, Kelly Ripa, and newly minted vegan Bill Clinton, Recycle offers its own Boston-bred charm — not least of which is its South End location. Try a weekend morning class at Recycle, and then refuel at Stephi’s on Tremont or Metropolis Cafe. Not willing to brunch among the beautiful people in your workout duds? Grab tea or coffee instead at nearby Francesca’s.

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The date: How about we… find some meditative calm and then feast on aphrodisiacs from the sea.

Why it’s great: Emotional baggage and lack of attention are kisses of death for relationships. Why not nip them both early by practicing more mindfulness? If the two of you are game to get your Zen on, attend a Dharma Talk at the Insight Meditation Center in Cambridge (cost: just $5). The talk is preceded by a 45-minute seated meditation, also included in the price of admission. After the talk, fill your Buddha bellies with a meal at East Coast Grill in Inman Square, a haven for seafood lovers (by now, you’ve heard that oysters are an aphrodisiac, right?).

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The date: How about we… attack an ambitious, hilly run together, then chase our thirst with a beer.

Why it’s great: It’s no secret that the city of Boston carries on a collective love affair with its jocks. If the two of you happen to be athletes, you might enjoy the challenge of running the most storied segment of Boston’s most storied running route, Boston Marathon’s infamous Heartbreak Hill, which is, technically speaking, a sequence of four unforgiving hills. Not for the faint of heart, ambitious types can take the T out to Woodland and run the grueling stretch back to Boston (roughly 8-9 miles, depending where you stop). Once you arrive in Brookline, hydrate with Boston’s sports drink of choice —ale —at a favorite watering hole such as The Abbey.

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The date: How about we… vicariously take a trip around the world through a wanderlusty documentary film.

Why it’s great: Traveling for the first time as a couple can be exhilarating and, occasionally, unsettling. So satisfy your wanderlust without leaving home with the documentary film, 180° South, featuring the wise and exquisitely weathered founders of Patagonia and North Face, along with a contingent of 30-something surfers, climbers, and seekers. It’s a group you’ll love befriending for 87 minutes, and their adventure is an ideal dose of armchair travel. Couple your cinematic experience with some ethnic cuisine, and you have the perfect night in for outdoorsy, traveling types.

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The date: How about we… scale rocky walls and cuddle on a big mountain.

Why it’s great: A great crush makes you feel like you’re able to scale walls, climb mountains, and walk over hot coals for the object of your affections. However, I would only recommend the first two: rock-climbing is a fantastic activity for a date. It requires teamwork, communication, and trust—all hallmarks of enduring relationships. Take a lesson at Boston Rock Gym, where the staff is knowledgeable but not intimidating. Or, enjoy the outdoors by hiking New Hampshire’s Mount Monadnock, an accessible day trip featuring a vigorous climb, beautiful views, and a summit that provides an ideal opportunity to share a sandwich and cuddle close against the chillier mountain-top temps.

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The date: How about we… whack some (golf) balls.

Why it’s great: Golf can be exclusive, elitist, and male-dominated (at a country club, that is). A driving range, like McGolf in Dedham, on the other hand, is the perfect place to putt. It helps if one of you knows the swing of things—a convenient reason to embrace your companion and show them how to tee off. But, most of all, the driving range is a low-pressure environment that epitomizes summer romance. The best part? You don’t actually have to be any good at golf. Grab an ice cream after you’ve whacked a couple buckets of balls, and you’re sure to be a hero.

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The date: How about we… soak our feet and do it in the raw.

Why it’s great: Upon discovering the hidden gem of Barefoot Reflexology in Watertown, you’ll wonder how you lived without it. Since you can’t gab during sessions (you’re more likely to doze off in blissful relaxation while having your feet soaked in flower petals and massaged by expert hands in Chinese healing), you and your date can share a meal afterward, at the Prana Café, a raw food eatery known for its fresh juices, healthy snacks, and uncooked entrees of vegan ingredients. For bohemian types who are “just friends” (quotation marks), this is a great “non-date-date” (quotation marks).

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The date: How about we… row, row, row our boat.

Why it’s great: Admit it: You watched The Notebook. You remember the scene in the rowboat, with the swans, then the pouring rain, then the… need I go on? Create your own love scene with a little help from Charles River Canoe & Kayak. Pack a picnic and a favorite lawn sport (e.g. frisbee, football, paddleball) and enjoy on a grassy spot along the river together. All you’ll need to do next will be to prepare for Scene Two.

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The date: How about we… relish the solitude of Walden Pond, à la Thoreau?

Why it’s great: Henry David Thoreau relished solitude, which is why he went to the woods “to live deliberately.” However, Walden Pond, where he famously wrote, is a lovely spot to share with someone special. Swim in it, walk around it, or sit in a shady nook along its edge and wax poetic about shared topics of conversation. Even if you’re only talking about this season’s Red Sox bullpen potential, any subject sounds sweeter when set against the backdrop of beautiful sunset.

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Seeking some soul in Boston? OmGal will align all your chakras (and then some). After you’ve gotten proper inspiration, post a date here!