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Rock Out: The 5 Best Live Music Dates in San Francisco

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San Francisco is one of the best live music cities in the country. Every night there are dozens of great bands and artists performing, from household names to the next big thing. Those shredding guitars (or thumping beats), a packed dance floor, the energy and excitement of a live performance — it all adds up to an electrifying date night.

Since there’s so much out there to choose from, we thought we’d ask for a few recommendations from Stacy Horne, Founder and Editor of My Spoonful, a thrice weekly free email newsletter that tells you about a single new indie musician you need to know about. Here are her top 5 picks.

1. Bimbo’s 365

The date: How about we… put on our evening’s best and head over to Bimbo’s 365 Club for one of the coolest places ever to see a show.

Why it’s great: The bartenders in crisp white jackets serve 1950’s style drinks as you enjoy the show. Get there early to secure one of the elevated side tables that will make even a loud rock show feel cozy and intimate.

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2. Romantic Education or Maybe Educational Romance

The date: How about we… check out NightLife at the Cal Academy of Sciences.

Why it’s great: Every Thursday night the museum is transformed into an adult playland with live music and drinks to accompany you and a date as you walk through the exhibits. (The dark corners near the octopus tanks are especially romantic.) This night is a great first or second date spot.

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3. Bottom of the Hill

The date: How about we… swing by Bottom of the Hill, one of the best small venues in the city if not the country.

Why it’s great: Find a show that you and your rocking date are into (preferably one that will not be sold out) and head over to this no-frills venue for strong drinks, loud music and a really crowded room that will have you and your date dancing close to each other all night long.

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4. Lookout Point

The date: How about we… go to lookout point at Twin Peaks and turn on one of the best radio stations in the Bay – The date: How about we… catch some jazz at Yoshi’s San Francisco.

Why it’s great: This mecca of all things jazz in San Francisco is the perfect place to spend your money on someone you love. Take in a great show, eat some delicious sushi and rub knees under the small and intimate tables.

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What are your favorite live music dates? Let us know in the comments, or better yet, post your own date on HowAboutWe!

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