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6 Great Dates Along the LA Marathon Route

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This Sunday, 26,000 people (myself included) will take to the streets of Los Angeles. Starting at Dodger Stadium, they will make their way through the neighborhoods until reaching their ultimate destination 26.2 miles later in Santa Monica. Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s the Honda LA Marathon presented by K-SWISS!

How about we… meet up at one of the landmark mile markers and cheer on the runners. There are 20+ iconic Los Angeles landmarks along the marathon course, so we’ve highlighted a few and included additional activities near each mile marker. Beware of street closures and walk, ride a bike or take the bus/metro where you can. It’s also supposed to rain, but just imagine “Eye of the Tiger” blaring as the runners make their way by and give them a yell.

Mile 2: Dim Sum in Chinatown

The date: How about we… meet at Mile 2 (Broadway & Alpine) in Chinatown and then grab dim sum at Ocean Seafood.

Why it’s great: Watching all that running is bound to make us hungry, and what better way to start a Sunday morning then to consume some delectable little dumplings. (Pro tip: this is a metro friendly date.) Photo: Crystal R. on Yelp

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Mile 7: Hipster Lattes at Intelligentsia

The date: How about we… grab a cup of coffee at Intelligentsia while watching the marathon runners pass by at Mile 7 (Sunset Blvd & Fountain).

Why it’s great: There’s an outdoor patio, they brew one of the best cups of coffee in LA, and they’ve mastered latte art! Not to mention the fact that for many people, it’ll still be too early for anything else BUT coffee! Photo: Dennis C. on Yelp

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Mile 10: Hollywood Farmer’s Market

The date: How about we… meet at Mile 10 (Hollywood Blvd & Vine) take a stroll down the infamous Hollywood Walk of Fame and then sample fruits and fresh produce at the Hollywood Farmer’s Market.

Why it’s great: While it may be fun to play tourist for a bit, it’s nice to take a break from the scene and enjoy a walk through the local produce vendors. You can compare whose blood oranges are the best or see who can find the most random food item. (Pro tip: This is a metro friendly date.) Photo: Shannon V.on Yelp

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Mile 13: Brunch at Chateau Marmont

The date: How about we… meet at Mile 13 (Sunset Blvd & Crescent Heights) and then grab brunch at Chateau Marmont.

Why it’s great: Never mind that it’s a hotel. I know what you’re thinking. But it’s also a Sunset Strip institution and host to a pretty outstanding brunch. It’s fantastic for people watching as well, both of the running and the celebrity type. Photo: Gourmet G. on Yelp

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Mile 15: Drag Queens & The Abbey

The date: How about we… dance with the Drag Queens at Mile 15 then make our way over to The Abbey for mimosas.

Why it’s great: You need more reasons than dancing with drag queens and mimosas? This is the heart of West Hollywood and it will be a party for sure (as usual) as the marathon runners make their way through. Photo: Angel D. on Yelp

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Mile 26: Finish Line High 5’s

The date: How about we… high five runners as they cross the finish line, and then wander around the Santa Monica Pier.

Why it’s great: Have you ever seen the face of a runner when crossing the finish line of a marathon? It’s pretty damn inspirational. Once you’ve gotten your fill of inspiration, head over to the ferris wheel on the pier. Photo: Rachel K. on Yelp

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