Valentine's Day

A Complete Guide To 3D-Printing Your Valentine’s Day Dinner

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3D printing roses

Simply ordering a dozen red roses and making dinner reservations for Valentine’s Day is so last century. Welcome to 2014, when you can 3D-print the perfect, personalized Valentine’s Day date for you and your loved one. It’s like the Jetsons, except more romantic.


valentine's day gifts 3d printing

Surprise your loved one with a delivery of a dozen 3D-printed roses. They’re better than those lame, live ones because you won’t have to watch them wilt and die on your coffee table. If you mastered drawing basic geometric shapes, you can go the extra step and create a pattern for jewelry like rings, a large red heart pendant, or geometric bracelets.


3d printing decor

Creating your own romantic setting at home saves you from making reservations or dealing with other people who aren’t your Valentine. Go ahead and 3D-print your own chairs, drink shakers, forks, and even a chandelier that looks like it’s made of tiny, nude dancers — because nothing creates mood lighting like nude dancers.

Look the Part

3d printed clothing

From a nifty bow-tie to these Valentine’s Day-themed shoes, you and your date will make an impression with these 3D-printed textiles. As a bonus, these clip-on bow-ties don’t even need to be tied — easy to put on before dinner, and simple to remove after.

The Menu

3d printed food

Cooking a romantic dinner for two is easy with a (surprising) variety of 3D-printed edibles, like sliders, personal pizzas, ravioli, and mini dinosaur quiches. The 3D printers allow you to literally play with your food’s shape (hence, dinos), so you can make your initials or a design for the food tubes to follow. Yes, “food tubes,” because what’s more romantic than eating like an astronaut?

Booze & Chocolate

chocolate booze 3d printing

I feel like the ability to make a giant chocolate likeness of your loved one was probably one of the most important reasons to develop 3D-printing technology in the first place. And now, we can enjoy chocolate faces (and then some), along with 3D-printed cubed candies and Jell-O shots.

Commemorate the Date


Rather than Instagramming your meal, why not memorialize V-Day with some 3D figurines of each other? Rendering yourselves in miniature is a fun way to remember this 3D date and, as a bonus, you can carry your mini-Valentine with you all year round — now that’s sweet.