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The Weekend’s Movie With The Most Thigh/Arm-Grabbing Possibilities Is… + More Date Night Flicks

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Editor’s note: Meet Lindsey and Bobby, two pop culture fanatics who’ll be sharing their date night movie picks with us each week. Check back next Friday for more!

Bobby: Hey Lindsey

‪Lindsey: Hey Bobby, how’s it going?

Bobby: It’s fine, despite the dreary day.

Lindsey: Only if you’re in NYC, however. Good day to see a MOVIE in NYC.


Lindsey: If you were allowed to SEE A MOVIE in NYC today, what would be your options?

‪Bobby: Well, there’s a great trio of selections opening this weekend. Pitch Perfect, Looper, and Won’t Back Down.

Lindsey: Oh, how diverse! Which one involves Maggie Gyllinaaalallll singing in an acapellalalal group? (Both of those words I cannot spell.)

Bobby: Looper.

Lindsey: No I think Looper is the one where Bruce Willis goes back in time and marries me.

Bobby: I want to go back in time and prevent the makeup department of Looper from letting Bruce Willis-faced JGL exist.

Lindsey: WHAT? That’s literally my dream man. JGL with a Bruce Willis face. I think I’ve made that joke before. Cuz it’s not a joke.

Bobby: Anyway, what do we think of each one? Let’s start with Pitch Perfect.

Lindsey: Well I’m planning on seeing Trouble With the Curve again, so it’s really irrelevant, but I’ll give you my opinions anyway. It’s perfect for people who met their date on a Glee message board.

Bobby: But the cast is pretty likable! Anna Kendrick is charming, and Rebel Wilson is the new “thing.” I think it appeals to more than just Gleeks. I HATE Glee and want to see it.

Lindsey: Even though you want to see it, they are still appealing to Gleeks FYI. I watch Glee and have NO INTEREST in seeing this movie. Funny how it works out.

Bobby: It’s being well-reviewed though, which is surprising.

Lindsey: I hate when people do movies to prove that they can sing ACHEM ANNE HATHAWAY.


Lindsey: Sorry.

Bobby: Les Mis? More like Pitch Nightmare.

‪Lindsey: There’s a breakdancing film coming up starring Chris Brown too, sorry.

‪Bobby: But anyway, I don’t think Pitch Perfect is the best date movie for this week.

‪Lindsey: I don’t think it’s the best movie movie. But yes. Cross that off.

‪Bobby: Looper? JGL, Bruce, Emily Blunt, and time travel? AND the director of Brick! Don’t you LOVE Brick?

Lindsey: It’s one of my faaaaaavorite movies! How did you know??!?!?!


Lindsey: Take your date, watch it, get close, talk about time travel .

Bobby: Ooooh, sounds like a great date.

Lindsey: Remember Inception? COULD TALK ABOUT THAT FOR DAYZZZZ. Great date movie.

Bobby: Yeah, you’re right. A lot of conversation possibilities. Plus, it should be thrilling. THIGH/ARM-GRABBING POSSIBILITIES.

‪Lindsey: Keep your hands off my thighs.

Bobby: OK, so that’s definitely a maybe. What about WON’T BACK DOWN?

‪Lindsey: I know your ass is seeing that opening day.

‪Bobby: Maggie Gyllenhaal and Viola Davis FIX EDUCATION with their Oscar nominations?!?! Please. I’m already there.

Lindsey: But it is not a good date movie, as you will not be wanting to CRY IN FRONT OF YOUR DATE.

Bobby: AND Rosie Perez and Holly Hunter in supporting roles! It’s like this movie took my dreams, put them in a shaker, and poured out a perfect movie. And crying can be good — it shows your vulnerability!

Lindsey: ……….. be a man, Bobby.

Bobby: “Ooooh, he’s slobbering to Viola’s speech. Sexy.” That’s how it happens in my dreams.

Lindsey: I doubt others will be having sexy Viola Davis dreams.

Bobby: I don’t have sexy Viola Davis dreams. I have inspirational ones. Like, she just holds me close and tells me everything is going to be all right. But I’m going off topic, which is the date movie of the week?!?! I’m thinking Looper.

Lindsey: Looper! Duh! JGL with a BW face and my date’s face forever ignored.

‪Bobby: Yeah. Action! Suspense! Good looking people! I only wish I could go back in time and never tell you about my Viola Davis dreams.

Lindsey: Something we can agree on.