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The #1 Reason You Should Rent Bachelorette Tonight + This Week’s Terrible Date Movies

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Editor’s note: Meet Lindsey and Bobby, two pop culture fanatics who’ll be sharing their date night movie picks with us each week. Check back next Friday for more!

Lindsey: Hey Bobby

Bobby: How was your week?

Lindsey: It was pretty great, I was on Cape Cod with no internet, so I watched Going The Distance a few times.

Bobby: I did, too! Always great. So underrated. I guess. Maybe it’s not. Maybe people love it.

Lindsey: I think we THINK it’s underrated and it’s actually not. We want an underdog, when probably, it did pretty well.  I just wanna be UNDER Justin Long—–GOT EMMMM.

Bobby: HA. Ew. I guess you’re a Mac girl. Any movie plans this weekend? Hot date?  Date movie suggestion? Craving for butter flavoring on popcorn?

Lindsey: If you count seeing Sparkle (late!) with a few friends, yes I have a hot date. But I doubt I’ll get any action from Ghost Whitney and her crew, so moving on.

Bobby: What a coincidence. I’m seeing Sparkle (late!) with a few friends, too. But yes. What is coming out THIS week?

Lindsey: Hm, I heard that Bridesmaids knock-off Bachelorette is coming out. Another movie that’ll make me not want to get married? How romantic!

Bobby: Oh right. It’s in theaters now. You can still get it on demand at home, though. Cheaper option.  Oh AND [REC] 3 because for some reason [REC] needed a second sequel. I hated the first! So. That’s a nope.

Lindsey: Yow saw REC? How was REC not The Ring?  Was REC also about a scary VHS tape?

Bobby: Well, I mean kind of. Essentially yes. It was a found footage movie. I heard from people that REC was “one of those ACTUALLY SCARY” horror movies. But it was not.

Lindsey: Hey, peoples’ views on ‘scary’ tend to differ. I thought She’s All That was scary

Bobby: Yeah, you’re right. But the reviews are a nightmare and I think it’d be best if you and your date weren’t bored during a horror movie. There’s nothing worse than a movie desperate for a scare. Or a laugh, for that matter. The Words came out too.

Lindsey: Who’s in that again?

Bobby: Zoe Saldana and Bradley Cooper. That gets a nope right after the plot summary: “…the layered romantic drama The Words follows young writer Rory Jansen who finally achieves long sought after literary success after publishing the next great American novel…” Bradley Cooper as a struggling-turned-successful writer? No thanks!

Lindsey: What’s a layered romantic drama going to do FOR ME.

Bobby: Nothing. It’s going to nothing for either of us. Poor Zoe though. She deserves better. What are you thoughts on Bradley Cooper? Just, you know, as an aside.  I’m curious. I despise him for some reason. That same inexplicable hatred I have for, like, Chris Messina and Chloe Moretz.

Lindsey: I don’t like him THAT much, but I did like Limitless? You despise him? That’s kind of random of you, Bob. He seems like a pretty chill guy to me. And Hangover (THE FIRST ONE) wasn’t too bad. (Justin Long is in it.)


Lindsey: Oh relax.


Lindsey: It was fine.

Bobby: OK moving on. So what’s the selection? What’s the best date movie of the week?

Lindsey: I vote that you stay home and rent Bachelorette on demand. Because if it sucks, and it will, you’ll have much easier access to just give up and have sex.

Bobby: Good call.

Lindsey Weber is a writer living in Brooklyn and her favorite part of You’ve Got Mail is when Dave Chappelle calls Meg Ryan “fine.”

Bobby Finger is (also) a writer living in a Brooklyn and his favorite part of You’ve Got Mail is anytime Steve Zahn enters a scene.