Boston Date Ideas: Boston’s Best Red Sox Dates

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It’s tough to beat a summer night down at Fenway Park with two tickets in hand for you and someone special—especially with the way the Red Sox have been playing as of late. But if tickets plus a couple of Fenway Franks exceeds your budget, or the Sox are on the road, these dates will still allow you to bask in your mutual love for Big Papi and company, as well as your shared disgust for the boys in pinstripes.

Fenway Park Tour

4 Yawkey Way

Fenway Park is revered for its unique game day atmosphere, but it’s also an incredible place to be when it’s completely empty. Head to America’s most beloved ballpark and relive the past 100 years of history, plus see the skyline from atop the Green Monster during this one hour walking tour. Or, opt for the Batting Practice Tour, which will get you up close and personal with Red Sox players before the game.

The Bleacher Bar

82A Landsdowne St.

Believe it or not, there’s actually a way to watch the Red Sox game for free—or the price of one beer. Turn into Bleacher Bar off Lansdowne, which lies beneath Fenway’s center field bleachers and features a giant window through which you can watch the live action without a ticket, truly a one-of-a-kind experience. You can also head up to the roof decks at Jerry Remy’s or Baseball Tavern for views overlooking Fenway.

Lansdowne St. Pub Crawl

Just because you’re not physically in the stadium, doesn’t mean you can’t still be surrounded by rowdy Red Sox fans on game day. Lansdowne St. (and the surrounding Fenway area) is just as wild—if not more—as the ticketless flood the surrounding bars. Switch it up each inning or two, especially if the Sox stt losing, and hop between the famous Cask’n Flagon, Boston Beer Works, Game On and The Lansdowne Pub, to name a few.

McGreevy’s 3rd Base Saloon

911 Boylston St.

This Irish pub first opened in 1894 and is known as America’s first sports bar, home to not just Red Sox fans, but also legendary players like Babe Ruth. In 2008, the lead singer of the Dropkick Murphys reopened a replica of the original McGreevy’s on Boylston St. and it features some of the original memorabilia and lights made from the bats of Sox sluggers.

Red Sox Fodder

Celebrate a Red Sox win with some team-themed food. Try the Big Papi Burger at UBurger, the Big Papi sandwich as Blunch, or the Red Sox Pizza—caramelized onions, red peppers, sweet sausage, mozzarella, tomato sauce, mustard aioli—at Figs. Head over the The Four’s for a variety of Boston sports themed sandwiches like The Yaz, The Ted Williams and The Bambino, or Coolidge Corner Clubhouse for similarly named burgers. Vegetarians can enjoy the Ellsbury veggie burger at Mr. Bartley’s.