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Colorado Symphony Orchestra Is Encouraging Everyone to Smoke Weed at Their Concerts

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To better serve the needs and interests of their budding community, the Colorado Symphony is hosting “Classically Cannabis,” a series of concerts where patrons are invited to bring their own weed to complement the performance. Because nothing goes with an evening of Brahms like a little Purple Kush.

The BYOP (bring your own pot) series is part of “an overall effort to reach out to every segment of our community,” symphony CEO Jerome Kern told 7NEWS. They’re hoping the events — there are four planned for now — will appeal to a “broader audience and raise money for the symphony.”

Three of the events will be held at Denver’s appropriately named Space Gallery, with a fourth slated for legendarily gorgeous outdoor concert venue Red Rocks. Not that everyone’s totally on board with the plan: while smoking up at Space Gallery is a-okay with them, the city’s Arts and Venues Office would like to remind everyone that lighting up in the park is, was, and remains illegal. (Pre-gaming, though — that’s totally fine.)

The musical programs are still TBA, but the symphony assures everyone that it’s going to be all classical, no pops. Which, thank god. This is Classically Cannabis. You can listen to the best of ABBA stoned at home in your basement.

[h/t ANIMAL]