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Heads Up, NYC: Tomorrow It’s Supposed to Snow “Perfectly” (So Post a Snow Date!)

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Hey, New York: Get your mittens, thermoses, and sleds ready. According to the New York Times’ City Room blog, “Tomorrow, It Will Snow, Perfectly“:

The ideal city snowstorm, meteorological Platonists say, blankets the landscape without burying it, beautifies but does not burden, transforms and cocoons without paralyzing or even particularly inconveniencing.

Such an event is expected to come our way on Saturday.

Flakes should begin falling around 11 a.m., as a low pressure system passes south and east of the metropolitan area, giving children plenty of time to finish a hearty breakfast.

The temperature will hover in the mid-30s – just cold enough for the snow to safely stick, but no colder. The breeze will be sufficient to make cheeks rosy, but will not slash at the skin or penetrate down the necks of parkas.

(Read the rest here.)

Obviously, this means you should post a snow-related date on HowAboutWe today, and frolic in this “perfect” snow with someone tomorrow. Ice skating? Sledding? Spiking hot chocolate and meandering through the park? Grabbing a window seat at your favorite coffee shop/bar & watching the fat flakes fall? Up to you. Just make sure your date’s on board before you start a snowball fight.

(Disclaimer: The Date Report claims no responsibility if the weather tomorrow ends up being dreary and gross, as the writer of the NYT piece admitted it on Twitter it probably will be, just because.)