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HowAboutWe for Couples Date Spotlight: Batter Bakery

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Welcome to the HowAboutWe for Couples Date Spotlight, where we’ll occasionally call your attention to some of the latest and greatest offerings on HowAboutWe for Couples

Today’s featured date:

How about we… sweeten the deal with a pair of sweet treats and coffees from Batter Bakery.

vday_sprinkleAt Batter Bakery, stacks of sugary edibles explode off the shelves in front of you. Take a deep breath. You two will figure this out together.

On this date, you have tough decisions to make. Choose from a 10 types of fresh-baked cookies. Will it be cherry ginger? Chocolate peanut butter cup? Or maybe you’ll attempt to unlock the secret ingredients in their signature cookie, the Sand Angel. Whatever you pick, trust that you’ve each made a good choice. Your sweets come with Sightglass coffees. That powerful mix of caffeine and sugar is going to give you energy to burn. Lucky for you, they’ve got board games aplenty to harness double sugar rushes.

About Batter Bakery:

A boutique bakery specializing in unique, handcrafted baked goods, all of Batter’s sweets are made using premium ingredients and fresh, seasonal flavors. Baked in small batches, sophisticated yet simple recipes have been developed through years of experimenting, tweaking, and testing. Today, Jen Musty and her team whip up all-American cookies, cupcakes, shortbread, and bars that have established Batter’s reputation as one of the city’s best bakeries.

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