Lesbian Dating App ‘Wing Ma’am’ Wants To Get You Laid And Give You Friends Too

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screenshot of wing ma'am lesbian dating appMeeting another flannel wearin’, non-vegan-hot-dog eatin’, Tig Notaro lovin’ queer in the city can be rough.  If you just moved here or are new to the lesbian dating scene, it can be intimidating and there are actually only so many distastrous vodka-soda nights at Cubby Hole you can take before it’s time to re-evaluate your game. Apps like Tinder and Grindr are good for casual hook-ups but mostly for straights and gay dudes. However the new dating/social networking app Wing Ma’am seeks to cover everything in between.

Created by Ariella Furman, Wing Ma’am is a free app that focuses on creating dates around fun local events. As a Wing Ma’am user, you can create a profile, browse other users by their location and message people to meet up. (When I checked today there was someone listed as 375 ft away from me. Don’t worry, I will find you, girl.) You can also scroll through a list of events. The app just launched last week so there were only three events listed when I looked today, but hopefully soon it will be filled with parties like  Hot Rabbit, and anything involving Whitney Day and Queer & Utter Bedlam. The app also lets you see which users are going t0 each event so you can avoid running into your ex GF, your GF’s ex, or any possible combination of the two.

So whether you’re hitched or dating around, finding a lady to hang with or bang with just got a whole lot easier.

[h/t Mashable]