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Like This? Try That: 5 Alternatives to Trendy NYC Dates

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When people discover something they love, it’s easy to fall into a comfort zone. This is true both of relationships between two people and in regards to people’s ‘relationships’ with places and activities. There are so many great things in New York that become loved by the majority of the city: Who doesn’t have one of those beaked Phantom of the Opera-esque masks from Sleep No More hanging in their bedroom? Cupcake shops line each street corner to feed the insatiable craving New Yorkers have for the sweet treat, and chances are, you’ve been on a date to Eataly at one point or another. It’s easy to blind yourself to the other options available, sticking to tried and true faves, but exploring similar alternatives with a twist can shake up your routine every once in a while. (And as we already know, shaking up your routine is a great way to keep your relationship alive.)

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