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More Women Turning Towards ‘Sugar Daddies’ During Government Shutdown

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If life isn’t already hard enough for single mothers, it seems the government shutdown is making things even harder. To the point where some women are turning to unusual channels to solve their problems. Namely “Sugar Daddy” dating sites.

Two such sites, with the classy titles, and, are reporting dramatic increases (SeekingArrangement saw as much as 50 percent) in “Sugar Baby” sign-ups since last Sunday—the start of the government shutdown debacle. For those of you who have missed the 87 Maury specials on the phenomenon, “Sugar Daddy” applies to a man who is capable of lavishing his partner with both attentions and affections in the form of money, clothes, and vacations. And “Sugar Babies” (term of endearment, of course!) applies to women (and some men) who receive the money and reciprocate with sex.

According to the dating sites, women are signing up in droves because the federal government has suspended funding programs like WIC, or the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children, which helps more than 9 million women a year. Give us our government back, if for no other reason than to get these women off of these sites! Please.