New Yorkers: Dine Like a Royal in Your Own Private Rooftop Garden

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Quick, think of your favorite summer activity. Let me guess, you’re on a roof with a seriously stunning view. And you’re enjoying the tastiest meal you’ve had in a while. Oh, and you’re with someone really cute.

Sound awesome? We thought so. As a nod to this amazing summer date, HowAboutWe is offering a pair of New Yorkers the chance to win the Ultimate Rooftop Dining Experience at foodie-favorite PRINT Restaurant‘s newly-opened rooftop garden.

Enter to win the Ultimate Rooftop Dining Experience here.

Our winners will enjoy farm-fresh ingredients — some of which will be picked from the very garden they’ll be sitting in —  incorporated in the chef’s four-course menu, along with curated wine pairings, their very own private dining area and unobstructed, panoramic views of The Hudson.   If you’re wondering what kind of luxurious experience you’re in for, keep in mind that a reservation typically runs for about $3500 (the space can serve up to 25 people, but for this occasion it’ll be just for two).

To tell us more about this delicious date experience, We caught up with PRINT’s former executive pastry chef and current head of marketing, Heather Carlucci.

Ariana Anthony: So, I heard PRINT is the first and only New York restaurant to have a full-time food forager.

Heather Carlucci: “I don’t think we’re the only one anymore [laughing], we’re not the only one. But we definitely have a very fabulous forager [Johanna Kolodny] who is extremely hands-on, she actually shares an office with the executive chef. And every farm we work with she goes to personally, to make sure that not only are they using processes and techniques that we approve of, but that they also feel comfortable sending their food to us.”

AA: Describe her typical day.

HC: “Some days her job is to go to the farmer’s market, and pick up a lot of items because that’s easier for the farmer than to do all the delivery. Other days, she checks out farms; new farms and old farms. And other days, a good part of her job is education of the staff. “

AA: What would that entail?

HC: “Talking to the cooks, showing them new ingredients. Talking to the chef about how he wants to use them, and what she can do to bring a better product to him. And then, of course,  teaching the front of the house – all of our waitstaff and our management —  about the farms and the products.

AA: I read that the restaurant uses some of the  herbs and vegetables from its rooftop garden. What is the restaurant using from the garden this season?

HC: “For right now, you know, we’re coming to the end of the summer season, so pretty much every single herb that we use on our menu right now is coming right from the roof. We were also using strawberries, but that season is behind us at this point. There’s some sweet potato up there as well and radishes that we’re using. “

AA: What are your most unique menu items this season?

HC: “Well, we’re waiting for another month or so for our heirloom apples. Huckleberry, definitely, I think is a more unusual ingredient. We also have these wonderful grapes, they’re called Jupiter grapes, and they taste like kumquats. It’s like a cross between lychees and kumquats, and they’re really beautiful. They’re from the Finger Lakes area.”

AA: And what kind of feedback have you gotten from those who’ve enjoyed the private rooftop experience?

HC: “I mean, people love it. It’s unusual and it’s extraordinary, and it’s also a bit of a surprise because it’s been open for a while, the roof itself with the Press Lounge, which is quite a spectacular space as well. And this sort of takes the cake, because people who have known us and know the space — it used to be the pool area that was sort of covered up and nobody used, and now it’s this beautiful, exclusive spot and everyone wants to have an event there.”

AA: So, why do you think, personally, this would make for a great date?

HC: “The view is insane, first of all. I think there are a lot of different reasons, I mean, definitely the food. And because it’s such an exclusive space, the chef is cooking just for you. We have a full kitchen upstairs, and that evening it’s only going to be used for the couple that gets to sit there. And it’s just an extraordinary space, there’s nothing else like it in the city.”