New York’s Top 5 Film Dates (And You Can Win One of Them!)

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New Yorkers can make even the most mundane dinner and a movie date pop. How? Replace the typical movieplex with a venue even the most discriminating cinephile approves of: one that’s arty, sophisticated and fun.

To celebrate such fine cinematic experiences, HowAboutWe is excited to offer a pair of New Yorkers a chance to win the ultimate movie date at New York’s favorite film date destination: The Museum of the Moving Image. You’ll  start with a private tour of the museum, discovering its vast collection (the largest in the country, in fact) of film-related artifacts and exhibitions. Then, you’ll take in a specialty screening in one of their newly renovated and gorgeously designed theaters (such as the Main Film Theater, pictured above).

And the best part? The winning pair will create their own stop-motion animated short, with video flipbooks to take home. Once they’ve become veritable movie masters, they’ll wind down with complimentary cocktails and hors d’oeuvres  at the iconic Astor Room. Enter to win here.

And now, back to your feature presentation: New York’s Top 5 Film Dates:


The Museum of the Moving Image

As the country’s largest and most comprehensive museum dedicated to film, television and digital media, it’s no wonder a date here is one of the most suggested on HowAboutWe. The museum boasts a treasure trove of artifacts ranging from old-age cameras, projectors and costumes to vintage set design sketches, makeup and posters. Movie buffs, eat your heart out. Fun fact: JFK, Jr. and Daryl Hannah went on a date here  to check out Medium Cool. So you know it’s good.


Nitehawk Cinema

Dinner and a movie just got a whole lot easier. Nitehawk Cinema not only offers a wide selection of commercial, indie and classic flicks, but it also offers table service in the theater, including a full brunch and dinner menu by acclaimed Brooklyn eateries. Keeping up the awesome,  moviegoers are provided specialty treats inspired by each film. The theater’s executive director and founder, Matthew Viragh, explained why Nitehawk is a fabulous date destination: “The most basic reason is convenience. You don’t have to rush through dinner and worry about rushing to your movie too, you can easily enjoy both dinner and the movie at Nitehawk.”


Angelika Film Center & Café

Fans of the Angelika often praise its delightfully diverse and curated mix of independent and foreign films, its comfy seats and delicious cafe treats, which include vegan and vegetarian fare from famed bistro Sacred Chow. The atmosphere is warm, calm and artsy, and patrons often laud the friendliness of the Angelika staff. Perfect for a relaxed, cerebral date.


IFC Center

It appears that romantic New Yorkers are big fans of independent and foreign films, both of which are IFC Center specialties. The center boasts luxurious seating, delicious gourmet popcorn, and an impressive array of new indie, foreign and documentary features. The cinema also offers specialty programs, such as Weekend Classics, Waverly Midnights (cult film showings on Fridays and Saturdays), and Short Attention Span Cinema (short film screenings before every feature). Art aficionados should check out the center’s Posterati Gallery, showcasing vintage movie posters from around the world.


Film Forum

Surprise, surprise – we’ve got another brainy venue on the list. As the self-described “cinema of ideas,”  the non-profit’s  forte is its selection of classic and contemporary indie and foreign film and its intensely curated events, featuring renowned filmmakers, directors, authors and actors. According to Film Forum’s theater manager, Melissa Rocha,  “It’s a great date because there is always something to talk about post-movie – whether it be the recent Premieres doc about Amsterdam hookers or the classic Simone Signoret thriller Diabolique.  It’s a good way to start a conversation (which tells you a lot about your date).”

Rocha also had this to say about love and film: “I think seeing love in films is amazing because we get to enjoy one of the best parts of life over and over. The most important thing to remember is what happens after the film ends, because films aren’t a substitute for real life. Oh, and grandiose public displays of one’s eternal love involving either a band or singing are always great — and work every time.”

You heard it here first, folks. Grandiose public displays of affection work every time. So, it’s high time to get in gear — I hear a fun-filled night at the museum is a great place to start.