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Picnics, Artistry and Lingasms: HowAboutWe’s Spring Dating Trends

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Well whaddya know, spring is just around the cornerushering in a whole new dating season to get pumped about.

After analyzing the 500,000+ dates you’ve posted on, we’ve pinpointed some fun spring date trends. Turns out, once the flowers start to bloom, HowAboutWe daters love to smell them. And eat in their midst. And draw (literally) from their inspiring beauty. And a whole slew of other things that actually have nothing to do with flowers.

So, go ahead:

Dust off the picnic blanket

This leisurely date activity is 3x more popular in the spring. Upgrade the classic by choosing specialty food items, setting up in off-beat locations and including a picnic as part of a two-pronged date.

Try something like: “How about we… rent a canoe or kayak, bring a small picnic and go on a trip around the lake until we find a nice spot to enjoy lunch.”

Channel your inner Picasso, get more dates

Spring colors get our creative juices flowing, which is why arty dates are posted 22% more often this season. Drawing and photography dates are especially popular, with drawing dates receiving about 6 responses per mention, and photography dates receiving 5. If your scribbles are less than stellar,  never fear — humor is an oft-touted aphrodisiac. Besides, ever heard of Twombly?

Try something like: “How about we… meet up at an art store and buy colored pencils. Then, head to a bar and take turns drawing one of the bartenders. Whoever comes up with the best picture gets a free drink.”

Shelve those winter boots

Lace up your walking shoes and drink in the fresh, pollen-laden air.  Dates mentioning going for a walk or stroll receive about 7 responses on average during the spring.

If you’re keen to bump up the pace and explore nearby trails (showoff!),  opt for hiking dates, which are 4x more popular this season.

Try something like: “How about we… go for a hike at a nearby park. Bring your camera!”

Make like Djokovic

Warmer weather typically awakens our inner athlete (hello, revealing clothing), but in the spring, tennis is the sport of choice among today’s active singles.

Try something like: “How about we… get up early and enjoy a morning tennis match, then reward ourselves with breakfast burritos.”

…Or just watch LeBron (and his purse)

When they’re not tearing up the tennis courts, singles are rooting for their favorite basketball teams and unlikely fashion trendsetters. With March Madness upon us and NBA games in full throttle, it’s by no means surprising that basketball-related dates are 10x more popular right now.

Try something like: “How about we… watch a Knicks game and make a poster based on the most creative ‘Lin’ pun we can come up with.”

Keep it relaxed, and cheesy

With bare legs, arms and toes making their 2012 debut, singles are keeping their food dates equally as casual, with lunch dates receiving about 7 responses per mention this season.

Taking the easygoing trend further, spring’s most popular dish recalls days spent playing kickball during recess. Grilled cheese sandwiches are a staggering 15x more popular in the spring. The drink to pair it with? Spiked lemonade (had to spike it to prove we’re not 12 years old), which is an impressive 20x more popular.

When they’re not munching on American classics, singles prefer Italian and Cuban fare, with each cuisine receiving about 3x more responses this season.

Try something like: “How about we… get mojitos and fried plantains at a nearby Cuban restaurant. Afterward, I’ll teach you how to salsa.”