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The 10 Best Ice Cream Dates in New York City

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Best Ice Cream Dates in New York City

1. Big Gay Ice Cream Shop

Two Locations: East Village and West Village

Gays and straights alike will enjoy this fantastic little ice cream shop. Yummy soft serve ice cream paired with truly original toppings and super fun names. Try the Gobbler (pumpkin butter, maple syrup, pie pieces, whipped cream), or the simple yet incredible Bea Arthur (dulce de leche and crushed nilla wafers).

Date Tip: In the West Village, pull up a chair and indulge together. The East Village location is tiny with no seating, so take it as an opportunity to explore the neighborhood together.

2. Eataly

23rd Street and 5th Avenue

Eataly can be a tough place to navigate if you’ve never been, but if you enter on 5th Ave you’ll be right by the gelato counter. This is authentic, hand made, Italian gelato. Rich, creamy, and extremely delicious. Seriously be careful, because if you’re just starting to date it might make you fall in love with each other. Such is the power of the delicious Eataly gelato.

Date Tip: The seating area can be crowded and dicey, so take your gelato across the street and hang out on a bench in Madison Square Park. If you’re both gutsy, you can point and laugh at the mile long Shake Shack line while you enjoy your superior ice cream.

3. Holey Cream

9th Avenue at 52nd Street

Holey Cream is a unique and fun date spot for a few reasons. For one, their self-proclaimed “outrageous” ice cream flavors really  are pretty outrageous, like something you would create at ColdStone, but the ice cream is better quality and already put together in a good ratio. They always have six homemade flavors, which are made on the premises. Bonus: they make their own donuts, too!

Date Tip: Order The Holey Cream special: it’s basically a ginormous homemade donut, with the frosting and topping of your choice. They then cut that in half and create a DONUT ICE CREAM SANDWICH where you choose 3 different ice cream flavors. Did your brain just explode? Wait until you try it, it will send you straight to your happy place. The donut sandwich is huge though, which is why this makes for such a great date spot. Sharing is a must!

4. Wafels and Dinges

Find a truck or cart near you here.

Glorious, glorious waffle cart. If you’re a New Yorker and you haven’t gotten a wafel with lots of dinges (dinges = toppings) yet, you are surely missing out. What you may not know is that these trucks and carts also carry real, high quality ice cream that comes in flavors like tahitian vanilla and spekuloos. That’s right. They make their own spekuloos flavored ice cream. (If you don’t know what spekuloos is, it’s Belgian cookie butter made from ginger cookies. It’s basically jarred, sticky crack.)

Date Tip: You can either get a scoop of ice cream on top of your waffel, a menu item deemed “De Bom,” or you can get some ice cream in a homemade waffel cone.

5. 16 Handles

All Over The Effing City. Find One near you here.

Despite being obsessed with it in NYC, we can all admit that froyo is no ice cream substitute. No, the 16 Handles experience is not about the frozen yogurt itself. This place is all about the toppings. Toppings, toppings, toppings. Indulge yourself with ice cream that is “good for you” (we can believe that of course, because of the live active yogurt cultures. It helps to picture them dancing around in your stomach, punching the fat away. It’s science.), and a lot of toppings that are not so good for you.

Date Tip: Judge your date by whether they’re a fruit and yogurt person, or a chocolate explosion over yogurt person. Judge your date by how much their yogurt weighs, aka how much they are making you spend on them. Find a nice comfy couch in a corner somewhere (16 Handles does comfy couches in corners correctly) and make fun of each others yogurt concoctions or be jealous of each others genius.

6. Schnipper’s

Two locations: Time Square  and Flatiron Disctrict

thumb_600Forget about Shake Shack, which happens to be Schnipper’s main competition. At Schnipper’s you won’t have to wait on line for 2 hours in the hot sun, you’ll get way more food options (all ridiculously delicious and a lot less greasy than Shake Shack), and most importantly, you’ll get the BEST milkshake in the city.

Date Tip:  Wait on a five minute line, inside a very nice air conditioned space, find a place to actually sit down with your SO, and share an amazing shake that will change your perspective on life, or be adorable and share an ice cream float like you’re in the fifties and you just got pinned. Or get a shake and a float and share both. Or two shakes. It really doesn’t matter, just go to Schnipper’s and truly learn the meaning of living together.

7. Victory Garden

Carmine Street, between Bedford and Bleeker (West Village)

If you and your date are hankering for something different, Victory Garden is where its at. Soft serve ice cream made from goat’s milk provides a tangier flavor like frozen yogurt, while keeping the creaminess of ice cream. They use fresh ingredients, with interesting flavors and toppings.

Also, the shop is really cute which adds to a fun date atmosphere.

8. Max and Mina’s

7126 Main St, Flushing, Queens

This adorable Queens ice cream shop has a cute and beachy atmosphere, perfect for any summer date. Play around and try some of the ridiculous and original flavors, including Nutella, Pizza, and Beer. Don’t bring your SO here if either of you have trouble making decisions because there are over 200 homemade, creamy flavors to choose from.

9. Ample Hills

623 Vanderbilt Ave, Prospect Heights, Brooklyn

On top of the billion flavors and combinations available, which are constantly changing, Ample Hills will take you back to your childhood with intense, fun flavors and over-the-top sundaes. This is the place to go if you and your date are sugar-a-holics. The lines might be crazy, but the ice cream is worth the wait.

Date Tip: Sometimes it’s nice to have a long wait to talk to your date before you both stuff your faces with ice cream. You pigs.

10. Lickety Split

295 City Island Ave, City Island, Bronx

Cheap, reliable, with an adorable beach-town feel. Lickety Split is the kind of place that makes you feel nostalgic. The ice cream never disappoints and the shop feels almost homey.

Date Tip: It’s small inside, so you might want to to take your ice cream outside, sit on a bench in the summer heat, and chat or people watch with your date. Whatever you guys are into.

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