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The Absolute Trendiest Date You Could Possibly Go On This Summer

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There are two things everyone in New York is talking about this summer: Cronuts, and the Rain Room at MOMA. So, what happens when you combine these two things? The trendiest date of Summer 2013, of course!

“As New York’s Ben Williams swiftly pointed out, eating a cronut in the Museum of Modern Art’s insanely popular Rain Room ‘represents 10+ hours of combined waiting in line.’ (The line for the Rain Room alone can, in fact, last up to eight hours.)”

So grab someone you really like waiting in lines with, find a blanket to sit on, and get ready to experience something magical. You’ll remember taking your Cronuts into the Rain Room for the rest of your life, or you’ll at least have bragging rights for the rest of the summer.

Domique Ansel Bakery
MOMA Rain Room

[The Atlantic Wire]

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