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The Best And Worst Video Games For Date Night

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I could be wrong, but I don’t think my parents played a lot of Pong on date night. Things have changed quite a bit since then. There have been several studies over the years to prove that more and more people are playing video games, and naturally this includes women. It stands to reason that since this includes the ladies, it also includes couples. Here are some games that you should (and a few you should not) play with your significant other.

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Yes: Bubble Bobble

If you still have an original Nintendo, it’s hard to go wrong with this one. “Would you like to help two bubble dragons save the world and collect fruit?” is one of my more underrated pick-up lines. Despite how simple the game looks, it still provides plenty of tense moments and is simply one of the best (and adorable) two player video game experiences I have ever encountered.

No: Grand Theft Auto Series

There is inevitably going to be a moment where you have to explain that there is no good reason you just ran over eight cops all while firing an Uzi out the window into a crowd of construction workers. Basically, the game has a tendency to make you look like a complete psychopath. Plus, one of my only absolute rules of dating is that you should never let a woman see you kill a prostitute. Even a virtual one.

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Yes: Anything That Involves Yoshi

Once while I was playing Super Mario World with my sister, I intentionally jumped off a cliff while Mario was riding Yoshi in an attempt to make her cry. It worked. It might have taken the torture of a family member, but I eventually figured out that women have an emotional connection with that cute dinosaur! I recommend any of the Mario Kart games.

No: The Madden Franchise

Hey fellas, when a girl says “I kinda like football!” what they don’t mean is, “I want to play a complicated game and lose by a bunch while you fist pump the air.” This applies to any of the hardcore sports simulations unless you are given specific information to make you think otherwise.

Yes: Fighting Games (Tekken, Street Fighter, Soul Calibur, etc)

If you want to stir up some playful sexual tension, why not virtually rip out each other’s spinal cord? One of the bonuses of these games is no matter how inexperienced a gamer you are, it’s still easy to have a few drinks, mash some buttons, and accidentally win a few battles. For added fun, try wagering sexual favors on matches!

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No: World of Warcraft

It takes a special kind of nerd to understand this game, and if you aren’t dating one of those, just avoid bringing it up and thank god they still talk to you. I have known people that play this game more per week than they attend their job. In fact it seems possible that if you are a fan of this game than you might not even have time to date anyone in the first place.