The Best Date Is a Date that Involves Meeting This Panda

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Forget the stupid Serendipity $1,000 gold-encrusted sundae. The only luxury date worth luxury-paying for is a trip to the National Zoo, where for $6,000, you can get all up close and personal with 8-month-old panda cub Bao Bao and her panda mother, Mei Xiang. “The big difference between what the general public sees and what the tour sees is how close you’re going to get,” animal keeper Marty Dearie tells USA Today. “There is going to be no barrier between you and her.”

You don’t actually get to touch the pandas — they are wild animals, and also, they just met you — but let’s be real, this is the closest you are ever ever ever going to get to Bao Bao, and all for the price of a mere six gold-encrusted sundaes, plus a flight to D.C. And it benefits the zoo! Is there something else you wanted out of your life?