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The Best Daytime Dates in LA

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Evening dates are traditional, of course, but why let all that sunny weather go to waste? Here are some quirky, fun, adventurous dates in Los Angeles for the diurnal set. And remember, the best part of a day date is that if it goes well, it can last well into the night…

Huntington Library

The Huntington Library is one of those rare date locations that works both for bookish and outdoorsy-types. Check out the illuminated manuscripts, wander through the botanical gardens, and get to know each other over a traditional cream tea in the tea room. If the things go well, you can transition this daytime date into an evening together, as the Huntington hosts concerts on the grounds throughout the summer.

Good to Know: Admission is free on the first Thursday of each month, from 10:30 to 4:30 am. [More Info]

Bike from Torrance to Pacific Palisades

If you’re feeling energetic, and the weather’s not too hot, take the Marvin Braude Bike Trail (aka The Strand) all the way from Manhattan Beach to the Pacific Palisades. If you have a flexible schedule, a week day might be better for this in order to avoid the throngs of people getting to a beach, but even on the most crowded day, the ride shouldn’t take more than a few hours, with plenty of nice places to stop for a drink or food along the way. If biking the whole path seems daunting, pick a shorter part of the trail to stick to: the Santa Monica portion of the trail alone is 8 miles.

Good to Know: You can rent bikes at most any of the major piers along the route, from Hermosa Beach to Venice to Santa Monica. [More Info]

Watts Tower

AS56_ArtsTravelWatts Tower is a collection of 17 interconnected structures, two of which reach heights of over 99 feet. It’s a cool thing to check out, and provides a great, weird backdrop to a casual date of walking around and getting to know each other. (And a great thing to check off your LA bucket list.)

Good to Know: Might be worth taking a guided tour, which are offered on Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. [More Info]

Horseback Riding in Griffith Park

Horseback riding: it’s one of those things that you always see other people do when you take a hike through Griffith Park, but haven’t ever done yourself. Why not use a date as an opportunity to get in touch with your inner cowboy? It’s $25 an hour, (surprisingly cheap?), and you don’t need a reservation: just show up with your date, and get on a horse! You’ll have a guide, but don’t think of him or her as a third wheel so much as part of the pack.

Good to Know: You can even take a sunset ride up to a Mexican Restaurant, for an additional cost. [More Info]

Getty Villa

The Getty Villa is like a slightly more scenic, less art-intensive version of The Getty Center. You can take a casual stroll through the grounds, enjoy the view, take in some Etruscan art, and then, if you’ve had enough, head down to the beach. A great date for people who like museums, but in small doses.

Good to Know: “Tea by the Sea” is a Mediterranean-style tea service offered on weekends in the Roman gardens. [More Info]

Architectural Tour of Downtown LA

Who says Chicago gets the monopoly on architecture tours? Sign-up for an architecture tour of downtown, where you’ll get the scoop on everything from historic hotels of the last century to the Frank Gehry masterpiece that is Disney Hall. When you’re done, stop for a drink downtown, and do a little more exploring of the city on foot.

Good to Know: Architecture tours are also available in Silver Lake, Pasadena, Miracle Mile, and Hollywood. [More Info]

Melrose Trading Post

Going on a date and finding a cool piece of wall art to hang in your living room in one afternoon? That’s what they call multitasking. Melrose Trading Post has an endless variety of weird knickknacks to pick through, point out to each other, and use as conversation fodder as you spend a pleasant afternoon strolling through the stands. Challenge each other to find the weirdest item for under $10 if you want to add another layer of activity to the date.

Good to Know: The Silent Movie Theater is across the street, if you need a break from the sun and want to keep the date going… [More Info]