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Everything You Need For the Perfect Stargazing Date

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It’s time for the year’s most spectacular meteor shower (and perfect summer date activity). Here’s how to get your astronomer on, while keeping it date-worthy.

Where to watch: These meteors are generally the most active of the showers that pass by Earth, but you have to get good seats. So head out of the city, away from any light pollution and get high up. You should be in for a show of something like 70 meteors an hour, given there’s a clear sky and you can manage to stay awake.

What time: Even as the sun starts to set you could catch yourself seeing a few meteors fall, but be patient. With a waxing crescent moon, there should be no interference in the late night into early dawn hours for peak viewing. The best viewing comes from when this half-moon sets, around 1 a.m. Monday morning.

What to Bring and How to Make It Romantic: 


You don’t need special equipment for this shower. You don’t even need to brush up on your constellations from that one astronomy class you had to take in college. Once your eyes adjust, you’ll be able to see everything.  Bring a thermos or flask with some whiskey, a blanket, a chair, and watch the best show on earth. Even kick it old school and bring a radio and see if anyone’s broadcasting War of the Worlds.

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