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The Best Stoner Date Ever Is a (Legal) Food and Weed Pairing Menu

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Overpriced tasting menus and complex food and wine pairings come in droves at dozens of fancy restaurants. But the country’s best dinner date officially goes to Colorado’s Hapa Sushi Grill and Sake Bar restaurant chain, where you’ll find a “pairing menu” suggesting which menu items go well with different kinds of weed.

The menus are part of a new ad campaign Hapa and the agency TDA Boulder are running in local newspapers to celebrate Colorado Amendment 64, which legalized commercial marijuana sales to adults 21 and older, and went into effect on Jan. 1. Hapa has been known for its pro-weed stance for awhile, having partnered with TDA Boulder in 2009 to create a series of ads mapping out Hapa locations in relation to local medical marijuana dispensaries.

hapa menu

And as if it gets better, Hapa has created under-the-influence-inspired table placards with built-in conversation starters as you sit in Hapa’s dining rooms, which are “ergonomically designed to reduce paranoia,” and make your way through your Pakalolo Shrimp with a side of Pakistani Kush. On one such placard, Hapa writes:

“The management of the Hapa Restaurant Group reserves the right to serve customers who discuss: How cool their pets are and that fish would make cool pets but you would have to live in the ocean to hang out with them and this weed is really good and do you think pets like us as much as we like them and would they be happier if they were free and are fish happier than our pets because we are always telling them what to do…………but luckily we feed our dogs and…but if you have fish in a tank you would feed them and you would not eat them…” You get the idea.

If you live in Colorado, please take your date to a Hapa location immediately. Do it for the rest of us and report back.

Image via Flickr