There Is Now an App That Is Basically Tinder For Music Junkies

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Music taste can either immediately bond people or be a horrifying dealbreaker. It is also an integral part of the courtship process, as is the art of putting on your “sexual healing” playlist without the other person seeing the title of said playlist. Music-based dating site,, matches users based on their taste in bands, and recently released a new feature called “Gig Roulette” which is essentially Tinder for music junkies.

After you upload a photo, pick your favorite bands, and answer questions like: “My favorite band when I was 13 was…” and “The song I would want at my funeral is…” you can play Gig Roulette. The feature presents you with a possible match along with the show they want to see. If you’re into it, you can hit “I’m Interested” and if not, you can hit “Skip.” Like Tinder, “the whole thing is anonymous — unless you and another dater choose each other. Then, one or both of you can send a message and head to the show together,” MTV says. Tastebuds founder Alex Parish noted in a release, “The feature was developed after we heard from many music fans who wanted to attend concerts but were put off going on their own.”

Seeing a show is a great way to take the pressure off of a first date, as you’ll probably just get drunk, dance, and makeout a lil’ bit. So go ahead and try Gig Roulette. You might just meet the fellow audophile of your dreams. Or at least someone to hold your drink while you use the bathroom at the Father Figures show.

[h/t MTV ]