These Are the Best and Worst Cities in the World to Go On Cheap Dates

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Over on FT Alphaville, economists at Deutsche Bank have come up with the Cheap Date Index, which ranks some of the world’s least and most expensive cities to get a cab, some McDonald’s, two movie tickets, and two beers:


Perhaps unsurprisingly, cheapskates should steer clear of notoriously expensive cities like New York ($93), Tokyo ($100), Berlin ($105), and London, which tops the list at $121 for your “cheap” date. Meanwhile, Southeast Asian cities will get you the most bang for your buck, with a night out in Mumbai, India capping off at $23.

As some sage commenters point out, however, a Big Mac in New York is not a Big Mac in Hong Kong is not a Big Mac in Rio. Says one: “In reality for the $50 in Beijing, you can go to a nice restaurant, plus the movies and a coffee and dessert, grab a cab if you didn’t want to use the ample public transportation, and still have plenty of money left over.” Which is just as well—why are you taking your date to get McDonald’s, anyway?

[h/t Business Insider]