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This Combination Café-Laundromat is the Perfect Date Location

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Laundromat café

Good news, New Yorkers! I’ve just planned your Friday night for you: swing by the East Village’s Wash House, the city’s first (and only) drop-off laundry service slash restaurant. Whether you opt for the Wash House’s next-day wash-and-fold service — reasonably priced at only $1 a pound — or use one of their brand-spanking-new machines yourself, you and your date can enjoy grilled cheese and beer while your clothes take a tumble in the wash. Plus, the bright, rustic ambience appears to be a pretty big step up from the depressing, 24-hour fluorescence of most laundromats.

Be it your first date or your fifteenth, how — and how often — someone does their laundry can tell you an awful lot about them. Does she separate her whites and colors? Does he use fabric softener? And how efficient is her folding technique? (For the record, I fail miserably in all of these categories, because I am a child.)

We’re excited to check out the Wash House. Being clean is sexy — and so is multitasking.

[h/t Gothamist]