Valentine's Day

Zagat Is Giving Everyone a Chance to Ask Hot, Single Waiters Out on Dates

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This Friday the 14th, as you’re sitting down to a quiet candlelit dinner with your beau, perusing the wine list and deciding if you will in fact have the “dressing on the side, thank you,” there is someone else to consider: the silent partner, the third wheel — your waiter.

The unsung (but hopefully heartily tipped) heroes of holidays all year round, the servers, chefs, managers, and bartenders of your most romantic dining establishment want everything to go well just as much as you do. That said, they’re also working. On Valentine’s Day. In the service industry. That’s not exactly loin stirring. Zagat is here to change that.

Branching out from merely reviewing and reporting on all the wonderful wonders of food, Zagat has paired up with 17 beautiful restaurant singles who are looking for some dates. Using an online submission form, anyone can send a note to the eligible singles in hopes they’ll get a response.

In the name of science, love, and the fact that I think he’d be a great date, I sent a message to Shaun. Of course that means you can’t, but don’t worry, there’s 16 other eligibles out there.

Do you like a perky food writer almost as much as you like wine? Go for Amanda. Are you charming and enjoy chocolate with a brunette beverage director? Hit up Ann Marie. Are you into a man who can cook and has a perfect smile? Luke’s your guy. Honestly, they all seem delightful (especially Shaun) and if nothing else, deserve a high-five and some chocolates for letting us enjoy Zagat’s fun idea — and their faces. Their pretty, pretty faces.