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Exposed: The Thought Process Behind Posting a Great HowAboutWe Date

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This is the latest post from Helen, our bi-coastal Date Reporter. She’ll be documenting her experience dating in both San Francisco and Boston as she travels between the coasts for work. Catch up on her story here

After a particularly trying weekend in Boston, I decided it was time to take things into my own hands. (Apparently my 6’3”, wildly attractive, mature, and cultured future boyfriend was too busy to stroll into the Sail Loft, sweep me off my feet and carry me off to a french fry factory this weekend. It could happen.)

That means it’s time for me to post some dates in hopes of finding someone to enjoy an evening of deep-fried potatoes with me.
Clearly I have French fries on the brain. So French fries my date will be:

How about we get some french fries?

Hmm… I know specific dates work well (my editor told me). And I would definitely enjoy an evening of noming on the peanut butter nutella potato wedges at Boston Burger:

How about we split an order of peanut butter and nutella potato wedges at Boston Burger?

But those are really messy. And I don’t think having peanut butter dribbling down my face is the best first impression. Or maybe it’ll be an invitation for my date to wipe a smidge off my face and lean in for a kiss?

Hahaha — there’s no way that could happen to me. Instead, he’d awkwardly point out that I have Nutella between my teeth which I would try to remove and accidentally flick into his eye prompting a trip to the emergency room because chocolate hazelnut spread is not good for your retina. Back to the drawing board:

How about we…

Ok maybe it should be something involving alcohol. Where we can also do something other than stare at each other across the table in case it’s really awkward. Oooh! What about bowling? [Editor’s Note: Helen’s really good at this. The most responded-to date ideas on HowAboutWe have two main things in common: a specific activity + alcohol]

How about we get a pitcher of beer and tear up the bowling alley at Lucky Strike?

Just had a flashback to my last work outing at Lucky Strike when the ball went flying out of my hand. Away from the pins. It went backwards. SCRATCH!

How about we drink…

What can we do while drinking? Or I guess the question is, what can’t we do while drinking? Maybe that’s the key. Alcohol. If this goes well and I’m able to present myself as a normal human being, I’ll try something crazier.

The Final Date: How about we try to find the most obscure beers available on tap in Boston?

Next week, I’ll let you know how it goes.

A New Englander at heart, Helen splits her time between Boston and San Francisco where she’s looking for love, laughs, and the next great burrito. Check out her misadventures at Single/(almost)White/Female