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Meet Helen, our Bi-Coastal Date Reporter

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Introducing HowAboutWe’s Date Reporters, a new series featuring real, live singles from all over the country who are giving you a peek into their personal experiences as they try HowAboutWe for the first time. To catch up on all the action, go here.

This morning I woke up to the sound of my phone vibrating. My friend Sadie was texting me to tell me about the rest of her night was after I left her at Dillon’s with a cute boy I’d set her up with. Her friend Lizzy was equally successful with the cute boy’s friend.

Then, my friend KT’s phone started beeping. It was her friend Ree reporting that she and Ben had a lovely evening as well.

I turned to KT, who was crashing with me as she’s currently homeless, and asked why on Earth were we lying next to each other if we were such bomb wingmen. After a night of successfully setting up other people, the only person I brought home was my best friend. At least the boy at Bova’s, the local 24 hour bakery we hit up on the way home, had given me a free Rice Krispie treat. For the record, that’s my third free pastry from a strange man this month.

I’m going to die alone.  Okay, maybe that’s an exaggeration, but I will definitely have a heart attack (poetic, isn’t it?) if I keep going down this route with all of the free, artery-clogging, late-night sweets I’ve been consuming.

I’m very proud to proclaim that my favorite rom-com is “You’ve Got Mail.” I don’t know if it’s the Pride and Prejudice references, the idyllic portrayal of a single thirty-something’s life in Manhattan which allows me to believe Kathleen Kelly’s expansive UWS studio is the residential norm, the infrequent glimpses of the real star of the movie — Brinkely, the unnaturally good-looking golden retriever — or the idea that two perfectly normal, successful, and good-looking people can find each other through AOL chat rooms, but every time I see Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan find each other in the flower gardens in Riverside Park, I melt. My heart swells, tears stream down my face into the creases of my love struck smile, and I’m reminded: love exists. And one day, I’ll find it too.

Unfortunately for me, I’m about 15 years behind Kathleen Kelly and doubt the likelihood of finding anyone, much less my soul mate, in an AOL chat room. I mean do those even exist anymore? And if they do, I just feel like the setup wouldn’t seem right without the familiar sounds of my computer “dialing into the net.”

In lieu of meeting the other half of my being via the odd service offerings of an antiquated Internet provider, I’m turning to the current equivalent: online dating. As someone who’s currently splitting my time between Boston and San Francisco with an impending permanent move to the Bay Area due to work, this is better than waking up next to my best friend after an unsuccessful night at the bar.

So, please tune in and follow my adventures as a Date Reporter for in San Francisco and Boston. I figure double the cities, double then men, double the odds that I’ll meet the man of my dreams. That’s how the math works, right?

A New Englander at heart, Helen splits her time between Boston and San Francisco where she’s looking for love, laughs, and the next great burrito. Check out her misadventures at Single/(almost)White/Female