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Meet Rachel, Our New L.A. Date Reporter

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Introducing HowAboutWe’s Date Reporters, a new series featuring real, live singles from all over the country who are giving you a peek into their personal experiences as they try HowAboutWe for the first time. To catch up on all the action, go here.

I asked my mother what I should share with my readers here on The Date Report. “She cooks, and bakes and is very neat! But she’s also kinda bitchy.”  (Thanks, Mom) Not entirely inaccurate. I like my spaces beautiful, I arrange flowers for a living and know my way around the kitchen, but my views about dating and relationships are far from traditional. I am thirty-one. I live in NYC. I’m summering in LA, where I was raised. While working on a start-up (and arranging said flowers) I will be writing about my dating experiences here.

Some background: I’ve had several boyfriends (one for five years) and many people I’ve dated here and there and off and on. We have mostly stayed friends, and sometimes collaborators, and I cherish all of them.

Why am I single? A friend once described me as “intricate” and I have included that on my dating profiles because I find it fitting and complementary. Yet intricacy also makes difficult work of coupling up. The last person I dated was similar in that way, it ended several months ago. Since I’ve been in LA, I have gone on three dates with three people, all of whom have second dates scheduled for this week/weekend. I’m looking forward to all three, though my sisters keep yelling at me that I’m taking all the tall men in LA!

Those sisters are both younger and I adore them. I do not have food allergies. My eyes are hazel, some days more green than others. I am a designer and it greatly informs how I see the world. I will reorganize all the beverages on the table at brunch before taking a photo; I am frequently compelled to art direct daily life. I love the beach, horseback riding, and hopefully surfing — I have a learn-to-surf date today! I read a lot and I don’t watch much tv. I wasn’t allowed to as a child, and more recently my cable company tried to charge me so much money that I decided to get rid of cable entirely. I have a bit of an authority conflict.

Writing about myself is challenging, but writing about superb, mediocre and/or utterly horrifying dating stories is awesome. A few times a week I’ll be posting: messages I’ve been trading with potential suitors, dates I’ve been on, and observations I’ve made while browsing the internets for romantical prospects. I will also be contributing shorter observations here and there, so check in over there for funny quips and occasional photos from out in the trenches. Speaking of which, why is it that the landscape of dating is so frequently described in military terms? That’s for another post.

One of the most engaging elements of this project is the opportunity to meet lots of people and share this dating journal with them, therefore opening up a discourse about how we all relate (and date). What’s going on here? What is working and what’s not? When we say “Oh s/he was crazy” what do we mean? What is it that makes us desire an end of the night kiss? A second date? This date journaling is ambitious, but that’s the kind of girl (woman?) I am.  I get my homework done early and don’t choose the easy assignments — I mean, have you guys been single in NYC? Apart from meeting new people, exploring Los Angeles and hopefully getting in some good make-outs, I hope this journal provides readers some insight or at least some amusing anecdotes about dating.


Rachel Nina Schwartz is a designer based in New York who is currently in LA for the summer, where she will be writing about her dating experiences. She looks forward to learning how to surf and reveling in a climate conducive to good hair days. Check out her other project,