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Rachel: “Stood Up? Awesome!”

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This is the latest post from our Los Angeles-based Date Reporter Rachel Nina Schwartz. She’ll be documenting her experience dating in LA. Catch up on her story here. In this post she talks about why sometimes, getting stood up is a blessing. 

 So far my dating experience on HowAboutWe has been, shall we say, all over the place. I had two great dates with Matt, one friendical-vibe date with James, and then there is Mark. Last week after a short phone-tag session, Mark and I spoke briefly and made plans to get a drink after work. Having selected a day and time,  I recall ending the phone call with, “Have a great weekend, let’s get in touch early next week to choose a location.” Even though I was considerably less excited about this date than other plans on my calendar, I dutifully texted Mark on Monday evening: “Hi there! Hope you had a nice weekend, are we still on for Wednesday?”

Ethan walked me to my car and gave me a small but very sparkly kiss good night.

Monday evening passed, Tuesday came and went, and by Wednesday morning I was crossing my fingers and thinking to myself how wonderful it would be to have an evening alone to experiment with new nail art projects, catch up on the New Yorker and have a glass of wine (alone, without making interesting/flirtatious conversation).  I decided that if I’d not heard from Mark by lunchtime he was officially fired. I had a lovely salad with avocado (because that’s what you do when you live in LA) and then gazed up at the clock to see it strike 2pm. I was free!

Not so fast. Ethan (as we’ll call him), a non-HowAboutWe date and I had been emailing and were in the midst of a rather in-depth and compelling conversation when he mentioned “having tea” that night to continue the discussion. Tea? But what about my single girl’s night in? I made a slight compromise and allotted myself plenty of time to  go for a run and wash my hair and decompress … before meeting Ethan.

Tea turned into chai at an Indian restaurant in Santa Monica that accompanied a super delicious dinner followed by a walk overlooking the ocean. Back at his lovely apartment filled with books, guitars and surfboards we debated politics, laughed at each other’s online dating stories, and flirted. It was the most fun I’ve had in quite some time and I was shocked to hear the clock strike 1am. Ethan walked me to my car and gave me a small but very sparkly kiss good night. An evening that began with being stood-up was salvaged (and more!) and now holds a top 5 spot among my LA dates.

Rachel Nina Schwartz is a designer based in New York who is currently in LA for the summer, where she will be writing about her dating experiences. She looks forward to learning how to surf and reveling in a climate conducive to good hair days. Check out her other project,