Crowdpilot App Lets Your Friends Eavesdrop on Your Date, Offer Tips

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It’s a common trope in movies and TV: the awkward guy on a date who doesn’t know what to say, so he has his smoother friend feed him lines through an earpiece. There’s now an iPhone app for this. It’s called Crowdpilot, and it livestreams your date to your friends, who can text you commentary. It’s a complicated dance of being very in the moment and being completely outside of the moment. You’ll be looking at your phone the whole date, but you’ll be ignoring your date about the date, at least.

It seems that the creators of Crowdpilot failed to realize that from Cyrano de Bergerac onward, feeding lines never works in romantic comedies. There’s always a misunderstanding. That’s the joke. But sometimes the victim of the fraud is so charmed that they give the awkward guy (it’s always a guy) a shot. Maybe that’s what Crowdpilot is going for. The texts will all be unintelligible, so you either say something ridiculous or are forced to be yourself.

[h/t Motherboard]