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Dating Online Will Save You All Your Money, Says One Financial Company

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Meeting your boo online can save years of dating and thousands of dollars, according to the market strategists/budget-minded love machines at global brokerage ConvergEx. Apparently, the finance site Benzinga reports, couples who meet IRL drag the whole dating thing out for 42 months (3.5 years) before putting a ring on it. But couples who found love on the interwebs tie the knot in less than half the time — the average online dating-to-marriage success story heads to the alter after only 18.5 months (just over a year and a half). Not only is that efficient, ConvergEx argues, that’s cheap.

Their argument basically boils down to this: the longer you date, the longer you have to pay for dates. “At a conservative estimate of one date per week and a cost of $130 per date – $100 for a meal and drinks at a nice restaurant, plus $30 for two movie tickets and popcorn – the dating phase prior to an offline marriage runs up a $23,660 tab,” ConvergEx says. That does not sound like a super fun relationship to me — honey, are you ready for your weekly $50 chicken now? — but whatever. Point taken. Dating is expensive.

Dating less, though, is less expensive, ConvergEx astutely points out. If you shave two full years off of your total pre-marital tab, you save save serious cash. Just think of the 104 weeks of $130 dinner-and-a-movies you don’t have to pay for now! Even assuming you’ve shelled out $239 per year in online dating site memberships — the national average — you’re still ahead $12,803, they calculate. That’s $6,400 per person in the bank. That pays for the wedding (hahaha, not really).

[h/t Business Insider]