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Everyone On This German Dating Site Looks Like a Model

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imgegenteilBecause selfies are the worst, and because people can’t accurately describe themselves, and because it turns out algorithms aren’t the greatest at finding soulmates after all, two German women have come up with a brilliant idea to help Berlin and Hamburg singles find dates online: Visit them at their homes, take flattering photographs of them with a professional-grade camera, and write up fun and appealing self-summaries for them.

Put all that together and you get Im Gegenteil — German for “On the Contrary” — an online dating site that looks like it’s straight out of an episode of Portlandia, complete with a twee-tastic logo that features a pink exclamation point dotted with a heart.

Im Gegenteil is only three months old, but it’s already working out pretty great for the site’s users, one of whom Vocativ reports  got “steamrolled with a deluge of emails from interested women” upon first signing up. Founders Annelie Kralisch-Pehlke and Jule Müller completely eschew algorithms on the site, instead favoring lengthy, intimate interviews with their users that the duo spins into whimsical self-summaries that evoke the perfect amount of je ne sais quoi. All that’s left to do is sit back and watch the messages roll in.

Yes, there’s a chance you’ll find Im Gegenteil users less attractive in person, when they’re not professionally lit and carefully posed. But browsing dating profiles becomes infinitely more interesting when every possible date looks like a model. Plus, there’s also less of a chance they’re going to upload a pic of themselves at the beach 30 pounds ago. And by de-emphasizing random, unrelated facts about a person, like their height and weight, or their favorite band, Im Gegenteil makes it harder to write someone off for something silly. Because there’s more to us than loving Queen, or only eat vegetarian., you know?

Bonus: Make everyone look hot, and everyone will want to bang each other.