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Little Snapper Quickly Prints Your Snapchats Before They Disappear Forever

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One of the most annoying thing about the popular photo-sharing app Snapchat is that you can only view photos for 10 seconds each before they disappear into the ether. UK-based developer Wesley Hill decided the 10-second time limit just wasn’t working for him. Plus, he wanted physical copies. So he created Little Snapper, a tool that takes photos directly from the Snapchat app and quickly prints them out via a Berg Little Printer, a mini, Internet-connected thermal printer.

Regardless of the time limit set by the sender, Little Snapper will hold the image for an additional 45 seconds in order to print the image. After the black and white image is delivered, it’s deleted from memory. The 18-year-old Hill spent three weeks hacking into Snapchat’s system to create Little Snapper.

Hill tells TechCrunch, “The Snaptcha system wasn’t really effective, and people still got through it regardless. Snapchat’s API didn’t change much either, there was little effort involved to get past.” Still interested in sending those personal pics through the app?

The Little Snapper software is available to download on GitHub, and a Berg Little Printer goes for around $245. Here’s a look at how it all works:


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