This Hilarious Tinder Troll is Turning Obnoxiousness into an Art Form

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One Tinder’d spirit has turned online dating into performance art. Or, you know, trolling — it’s a glass half-full/half-empty sort of thing. On the Tumblr Hello Let’s Date, the artist-troll (artist?) is chronicling his adventures in general obnoxiousness to mostly hilarious results. For example:

tumblr skater culture

Sometimes, the conversation gets deep:

tumblr journey

Here he is, with a seductive PSA about horse diets:

tumblr horses

And here, experimenting with classic pickup lines:


You feel a little bit bad for Linxi and Lauren and Lauren and Rebecca, who are, after all, real people, real people who are “just trying to find emotion yes.” And then you think about everyone else on Tinder. At least Mr. Let’s Date is funny. Swipe right?

[h/t Daily Dot]