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This Online Dating Site Lets Women Create Profiles For Guy Friends They Don’t Want To Date

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A new online dating site called Jess, Meet Ken wants women to create profiles for their platonic manfriends, because one woman’s trash (friend) is another woman’s treasure (boyfriend). The idea of I-don’t-want-to-date-this-dude-but-maybe-you-should has been around since the beginning of time — see also: the frequent women’s magazine lifestyle column suggestion that you throw a dinner party and make all your girlfriends bring one eligible bachelor— but according to the Boston Business Journal, Jess, Meet Ken is making it formal.

Here’s how it works: a lady sets up a profile for a gentleman she knows and likes, but doesn’t want to date herself, because he’s her brother or coworker or tall or short or really into Dave Matthews, whatever. Then, other ladies — ladies who are also into Dave Matthews — can “ask to be introduced” to the man in question, and can also “chat with each other” to make sure the match has real-world potential.

Eponymous founder Ken Deckinger says the site is a major online dating improvement for both men and women. Or at least, it might be — it just launched in beta last week and currently has 300 users on the East Coast, so, TBD. But theoretically, Jess, Meet Ken is going to be great for everyone: women win, since they’ll be able to “call the shots” and not sift through hundreds and hundreds of off-putting dude-notes, and men also win, since they’re supposedly terrible at writing their own profiles anyway. It worked for Ken, after all — he met his wife, Jess (obviously), through a female friend who was using a similar site back in 2003.