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How Do We Really Date and Have Sex Today? This Study is Trying To Find Out

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Pace University Dating Sex Relationships

Pace University is having an open call for gay and straight singles to find out how our generation navigates dating and sex today because, according to Pace, “there’s never been more equality between gay and straight relationships.” The researchers have grand plans about addressing stereotypes — “Do gay men really have more sex?” “Do lesbian couples move faster in relationships?” — and over the course of six weeks, they will take their survey results, provided by you, and post their findings on the Huffington Post.

Pace wants to get 800 participants, and currently has ten. If you’re interested in participating, be aware that the study will take over six weeks of your life. You’ll have to fill out a weekly questionnaire about your dating life, including noting who you met or what happened (yes, even if its nothing). In return for dishing about your dates, or lack thereof, you’ll unlock online discounts from companies like Daily Jocks, Sir Richard’s Condom Company, and Joe. It’ll kinda be like sharing your romantic exploits over brunch with friends — minus the mimosas.