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This Creative Girl Brought Cake to Bars in Order to Meet Guys

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If your body language or flirtatious rapport isn’t bringing the boys around, you could always try this approach from Audrey Shulman, who combined her love of baking with baiting a boyfriend.  In her blog project Sitting in Bars with Cake, she detailed her year-long experiences “cakebarring” — her self-coined term for toting fresh pastries around the Los Angeles bar scene to lure eligible, hungry men to her. It sounds like a more innocent Hansel and Gretel, but you have to admire someone so dedicated to booze and baked goods.

With 50 cakes and 50 bars, she met men with varying degrees of success. There was Eddy, who she met when she started the blog and who wasn’t freaked out by the project. There was the Tennis Player who swiped her last piece of cake and gave Shulman her first kiss in a bar. There was a slew of phone numbers and teasing text messages, but no one really stuck. “There’s no boyfriend,” she wrote in her final blog post, “but it’s not like nothing came of all this craziness.”

She has a point. Even if it didn’t exactly work for her, the project was a somewhat success. For one, there’s cake. Anything with cake is a good idea. It’s clearly the main reason for weddings in our country. Secondly, Shulman went on more dates that year than she ever had before. The cake itself might not be what brought the boys ’round, but it forced her to charm them into having a slice and breaking the ice is sometimes the hardest thing to do. Lastly and more importantly, this project ensures that prospective boyfriends eat cake. Some may say that that is an excellent quality to have in a future partner. I, for one, say that it’s necessary.