7 Out of 10 Anime Fanatics Would Choose Their Hobby Over Love

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Cosplay twins

If you’re not familiar with the term “otaku,” a) congratulations, you don’t spend nearly as much time on the internet as I do, and b) it means an obsessive fan of a particular subculture, most commonly used to refer to an avid consumer of anime and manga, the ultra-popular Japanese cartoons and comic books.

The Japanese HR company Dip surveyed 335 self-described otakus, and found that 70 percent would happily choose their hobby over loveIt should probably be noted that this poll of only a few hundred doesn’t reek of statistic significance, nor of random sampling – but still, even if I’m addressing you 335 people and you 335 people alone, this is ridiculous.

For one thing, there is no all-seeing, all-knowing Relationships Wizard who will emerge from the mist, a condom in one hand and the Death Note box set in the other, whispering, “You must choose.” If someone has a stick and/or mint-condition poseable Sailor Jupiter action figure up his or her butt about your hobby, that person isn’t for you (and may very well be a jerk). Find someone who doesn’t care, or better yet, who actually likes the same freaky shit you do – then you can get all freaky together. This is what online dating is for. You even have your own site!

Failing that, there is always the way of James Franco and Kimiko-tan.