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You only get 12 minutes to impress your date, but on the bright side, it’s real easy: all you have to do is smile a lot and not stink significantly.

A new study by French financial services group AXA (because no one knows romance like a French financier) looked at the criteria first daters use to size each other up, and frankly, the results are reassuring. Here is what AXA discovered you should do:

  • Smile
  • Make eye contact
  • Have a “good tone of voice”
  • Smell okay
  • Wear “smart” clothes

And here is what AXA thinks you should not do:

  • Stink (breath)
  • Stink (body)
  • Not smile
  • Wear “scruffy” clothes
  • Swear

AXA appears to find these results both significant and alarming. “You need to think about the little things that will mean a lot on that first date,” a spokesperson tells the Daily Mail, since “it appears first impressions are formed very quickly!”

But you guys, these results are so encouraging. These results could not be more encouraging. If these findings are correct, then dating has literally never been easier. Whatever you’re worried about, stop worrying, because it’s fine. Did you take a shower? Do you have a mint? If you do not have a mint, can you stop at the drug store or a bodega or perhaps a kiosk on the street and purchase one? Can you briefly refrain from swearing, at least for the 12 minutes you are making your first impression? Are you capable of smiling and also of making eye contact?¬†Awesome! You’re going to be great out there.