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Now You Can Find Out Exactly How Annoying You Are on Social Media

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Are you very annoying on Facebook, or just a little bit annoying on Facebook? Perhaps you are an utter delight on Facebook, a Facebook master, and you didn’t even know it. Lucky for you — lucky for all of us, really— the strongly-scented gentlemen of Axe (as in the body spray) have teamed up with ad agency Barton F. Graf 9000 to create a new website that will diagnose your “Social Effort Scale.” You just log in through one of your social media accounts, and an algorithm spits back the diagnosis: are you “effortless,” the James Dean of Instagram, “trying too hard,” or “not trying hard enough”? There’s only one way to find out.

The only caveat, besides that you are giving Axe access to your social media accounts, is that the analysis depends largely on your use of hashtags and emojis to determine how obnoxious you are. Accurate, perhaps, but limited — there are so many ways to obnoxious on the Internet that do not involve emojis or hashtags. Accordingly, it seems possible that Axe cannot actually take the place of introspection, just as body spray cannot actually take the place of showers. (It can probably help, though.)

[h/t Vocativ]