The 17 Stages of the Dreaded Gym Date

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1. So you’re chillin’ at home

Maxin’, relaxin’, eatin’ wings or whatever.

Mr-Bean-Eating-Chicken Source

2. Then that dude you’ve been sporadically messaging on OKCupid asks you on a date.

“So like, we should hang this week.”

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3. But, it quickly devolves into a fitness scenario.

“Have you ever done Crossfit or Soul Cycle?” Apparently this is a thing.

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4. Everything in you says “Run, in a non-athletic way, away from this situation.”

But you’re young and naive and think you can change your entire personality for three hours.

I8kq0uJ Source

5. He probably thinks it’s gonna be like this.


Y46Oz Source

6. But you know it’s gonna be  like this.

“I’m real flexible.”

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7. So you get there, but apparently you don’t have the proper attire.

“What? Too much?”

pimp-walking Source

8. All the girls look like this.

“What in the!”

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9. But you’re just hangin’ like:

“Is it snack time yet?”

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10. So then you try some machines.

“Oh, I love working on my deltoids!”

Gym-leg-extension-machine-fail Source

11.  But quickly realize you’re in far over your head.

“I’ll be fine.”

never-had-a-chance-gifs-jungle-gym Source

12. So then they try to “train” you.

“Should I feel like I’m going to die?”

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13. And for a minute you think, “Hmm. This isn’t so bad!”

“Friends, family: this is the new me!”

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14. But then 45 seconds later the real you comes out.

“What the fuck is a protein shake?”

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15. And the false veneer you’ve been operating under unravels.

“When I said I enjoy ‘exercise’, I meant that in a purely sexual way.”

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16. So you quit.

“Later bitch. Bill me for the damage.”

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17. But if they ever want to grab tacos, you would not say no.

“You want some of this, boy?”

rQF7cqY Source

[h/t New York Post]