The Worst Husband in the World Shows His Drunk, Naked Wife to the World on PS4

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Well, we were right – this is already happening. In the coming Age of Our Robot Overlords, video game consoles will have already seen all of us naked and, most likely, judged us for not being in total Terminator shape. Of course, some humans – traitors to the species, all – are giving the machines a head start and stripping for them already. GameRevolution has the story of the today’s Worst Husband in the World, one “Darckobra,” who used his new Playstation 4’s linkup with live online video service Twitch to show his wife’s analog attributes to the world.

Unfortunately for her, Ms. Darckobra happened to be rather drunk during this bit of exploitation. After a good deal of (surely riveting) Twitch footage showing the couple sitting on the couch and drinking, she passes out. Her loving husband then proceeded to lift his semi-conscious wife’s shirt, exposing her breast to hordes of World of Modern Warcraft (or whatever) fans.

But wait! That’s not all. For his next act, the camera went dark. When it came back on, his wife had been dutifully stripped of her clothing. Darckobra was expelled from the Twitch network, but the damage had already been done – to the reputation of Twitch and free online streaming video, sure, but also to the jerk’s marriage. Oh, well. I think Princess Peach is single.

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