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So Are You Supposed to Have Dogs in Your Dating Profile Picture or Not?

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A new study from social networking site Skout has determined men should make their dating profile picture a snapshot of themselves and a dog. Not their dog, necessarily — the study actually found that dudes who mentioned that the pictured dog was their own dog were generally rated less well than guys who just took a snap of themselves and a random dog. A random dog, the Daily Mail explains, shows that a gentleman is “friendly and caring, but rugged at the same time.” (Also, possibly, a dognapper.)

There is, of course, one caveat. The caveat is that this study directly contradicts a previous study — this one by dating site Zoosk — that says that pictures of you with animals are terrible. According to them, having other mammals in your profile pic — friends or dogs, doesn’t matter — drastically reduces your online popularity and the photo of you holding that Schnauzer is pretty much the reason you are alone.

So what is one to do with all this information? Nothing, probably. While I have done approximately zero statistical research of my own, I can say with almost 100 percent confidence that some attractive people have dogs and some attractive people do not have dogs. Armed with that information, you should feel comfortable taking pictures of yourself either with a dog, or without a dog, depending on dog availability and your own personal preferences. Scientifically, whatever you decide is absolutely the best decision. At least, according to someone.