Binge Drinking Is Making Us Way Fatter than We Ever Imagined

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Here’s some food for thought before you jaunt off to happy hour tonight — and enjoy it, because it is the last food, metaphorical or real, that you will want to eat for awhile: Binge drink past a certain “tipping point” and you risk packing on nearly two pounds each time you do it, according to a study of more than 2,000 U.K. residents’ eating and drinking habits.

Before you swear off alcohol forever (which, hahahaha), keep in mind the weight gain the survey participants reported wasn’t solely from booze calories — it’s what they were drunk-eating after the booze that was the real culprit. In addition to downing 1,476 alcohol calories, participants who binge-drank would eat an average of 2,829 calories that night, plus 2,051 calories the next day, and that’s in addition to what they would normally consume. In all, participants would eat an extra 6,300 calories in the 24 hours following a binge drinking episode. That’s a lot of pizza, cheese steaks, and secret late-night Cheetos.

According to the study, most people can drink a little less than four pints of beer or about three large glasses of wine before they reach their “tipping point” into binge drinking. In other words, today I learned if I binge drink every day, I will have gained enough weight to create four more of me over the course of a year. Luckily, I am not alone, because between all that craft beer and hard cider, Americans’ new alcoholic sweetheart, you’re all drinking at least as much as I am (and drunk eating all the frozen mozzarella sticks afterward).

So, on that note, I leave you with this video of the most popular drunk foods from around the world while I go attempt to cry off some calories:

[h/t Women’s Health]