Cocktail Recipe Generator Tells You What You Should Be Drinking Based on What’s in Your Kitchen

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The public servants at WineEnthusiast have put together a handy cocktail recipe generator that suggests swanky cocktails — not just rando mixed drinks — based on whatever you’ve got on hand. Personally, I have nothing on hand, but if I did, I would absolutely use this to impress friends and lovers alike, like a regular Mad Man (Woman?).

Here’s how it works: you tell it what liquor you’re working with (I said gin, because live a little), and then the generator provides you with a list of possible mixers. You pick whichever one of those you’ve got chillin’ in your refrigerator — lemon juice, maybe, or beer, or ginger liqueur if you are the sort of person who probably does not need a computerized cocktail generator — and voila! The machine tells you what garnish you need to add to make your drink a drink, if you know what I mean.

“Oh this?,” you’ll say, casually pouring your signature Dizzy Blonde Negronis. “Just a little something I had lying around.”