Now You Can Name Your Trendy Cocktail Bar Quickly and Easily

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wattle and shoe jpeg

Perhaps you are trying to name your trendy new cocktail bar, but you are stumped. All the good trendy cocktail bar names have been taken, you think, staring blankly into your lavender-infused gin. No problem — Lauren Hallden, the genius behind the online dating ipsum text generator, is at it again, and this time, she’s created a trendy cocktail bar name generator. With Name My Bar, you just click a button, and voila! Your bar is named. Not happy with Fork & Paddle? Click again. You’re Stocking & Toad now. Now you’re Wig & Harness. The hits just keep coming.

And now I would like to take this opportunity to invite you all to the opening of Wattle & Shoe, which will be opening as soon as I rent a space and learn how cocktails work.

[h/t The Hairpin]