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The Happiest Place on Earth Gets Adult-Friendly with New After-Hours Lounge

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Here is the problem with Disney World: it is not a bar. Also, it is full of children. Disney World understands your concerns. That’s why they’ve just launched the “After Hours Wind Down,” which lets patrons hang around EPCOT after closing time, drink, snack, and consider how nice it is not to be waiting in line right now.

For $35 (on top of regular admission), guests get “a single beverage and a selection of snacks” from one of four restaurant-lounges, each located in a different EPCOT “country”: there’s La Cava del Tequila (in “Mexico”), Spice Road Table (“Morocco”), Tutto Gusto Wine Cellar (“Italy”), and Rose & Crown Pub (“U.K.”). The late-night lounging starts at 9pm, right after the fireworks, and rages on till 11pm, but EPCOT reps are clear that “it’s more of an educational experience than it is a party-bar atmosphere.” You are sampling tequila to appreciate other cultures! (Also, you get one drink and it closes at 11pm.)

While Disney hasn’t released all the details yet — the (unofficial) Disney Food Blog is on it, though — the food is probably beside the point. “The real draw here seems to be the ‘after-hours’ exclusivity,” notes Time. That, and the lack of crowds. And the lack of other people’s screaming toddlers. Also, you get that one drink. Honestly, this is starting to sound pretty good. For now, the program is only slated to run through September 15th only, so if you want in, you’d best reserve now. And if your one drink makes you feel like really misbehaving, we have some (definitely unofficial) suggestions.